Jiyi Front Obstacle Avoidance Radar

  1. Product: 68x66x16.5mm
  2. Modulation Mode: FMCW
  3. Centre Frequency: 24.125Ghz
  4. Detection Range: 1~25


Jiyi Front Obstacle Avoidance Radar

Obstacle avoidance radar module is mainly used to measure the relative distance between the drone and the obstacle in front of the flight, so as to avoid the obstacle effectively. Obstacle avoidance radar adopts 24GHz radar technology, which can work in all weather under strong light, high temperature, fog, dust, wind and night. Its sensitivity is high, the detection distance is long, the signal transmission is fast and stable. Electric wires, small trees with a trunk of 10 cm, people with a height of 1.7 m, and telephone poles with a height of 15 cm play an excellent obstacle avoidance function for high-speed drones, which is very suitable for plant protection drones to work in complex outdoor environments


  1. High sensitivity
  2. Long detection distance
  3. Fast signal transmission
  4. Stable signal transmission
  5. All-weather work
  6. Strong environmental adaptability.

Product Size 67.5*66*16.5mm
Product Weight 80g
Modulation Mode FMCW
Centre Frequency 24.125GHz
Detection range 1~25m
Accuracy 0.1m
Power Waste 3.0W at 25 degree C
Resolution 0.6m

Package Includes:

1 x Jiyi Front Obstacle Avoidance Radar


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