V – VR headset (Virtual Reality) – VDroneTech

  1. VR headset for educational purpose.
  2. Safe and Secure.
  3. Simple to Use Interface.
  4. User-friendly Controls.
  5. Designed for Schools.


V – VR headset (Virtual Reality) – VDroneTech

Safe and Secure

Students can only access the content the teacher has created and uploaded to the headset. This ensures students remain focused and teachers maintain control, all from a safe learning environment.

Simple to Use Interface

V – VR headset has been designed to provide an exciting, engaging, yet simple to use interface to allow students and teachers to easily access educational VR content with minimal fuss and no distractions.

User-friendly Controls

Our V – VR headset come with a wired hand-held controller so students can easily control and navigate through the headset’s interface, explore virtual scenes and interact with VR & AR content.

Designed for Schools

Designed for students of all ages, V – VR headset come with adjustable head straps for a comfortable user experience.

V-VR Product specification




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