Emax SimonK Series ESC Multirotor 30A Brushless

  1. Model: Emax SimonK Series.
  2. LiPo Battery Input: 2 ~ 3S.
  3. Continuous Current: 30A.
  4. Burst Current(10S): 40A (for 10Sec).
  5. BEC Mode: Linear.
  6. BEC Output: 1A/5V.


Emax SimonK Series ESC Multirotor 30A Brushless


The Emax SimonK Series esc (electronic speed controller ) Multi-Rotor 30A Brushless ESC (Original) is a brushless DC motor speed controller. Low output resistance greatly improves power stability and extends excellent battery life. The Emax SimonK series multi-rotor 30A brushless ESC is programmed to start a brushless DC motor. This ESC has a large current capacity, 30A continuous and 40A peak current for the last 10 seconds.

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Features of Emax simonk ESC:

1. Based on SimonK firmware, further optimized for perfect drive performance.
2. Low voltage protection, over temperature protection, throttle signal loss protection.
3. Separate power supply for MCU and BEC, improve ESC’s ability to eliminate magnetic interference.
4. ESC parameters can be set via programming card or transmitter.
5. Throttle range can be adjusted to be compatible with different receivers.

Equipped with built-in linear BEC or switch BEC.

Max speed: 210,000 rpm for 2-pole, 70,000 rpm for 6-pole, 35,000 rpm for 12-pole.


Model Emax SimonK Series 30A
Burst Current (A) 40
Constant Current (A) 30
BEC Yes (5V/2A)
Suitable Lipo Batteries 2 ~ 3S
Color Black and Red
Dimensions (mm) LxWxH 52 x 26 x 7
Weight (gm) 28
Application BLDC Motors, Multirotors, Rc Planes etc.


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