SE 100 GPS+ with GPX holder- Radiolink- GPS module

  1. Velocity Precision: 0.1m/s
  2. Max Height: 50000m
  3. Max Speed: 515m/s
  4. Max Acceleration: 4G
  5. Update Rate: 10Hz


GPS module – SE100 GPS+ with GPX holder – RadioLink .

This gps module comes with plug-and-play cables for connecting to Pixhawk and APM flight controllers. It can also be used with most open source flight controllers such as PX4 and iNav FC.

Unlike the cheap GPS modules on the market, this uses original components. With a U-Blox M8N GPS receiver and QMC5883L digital compass, you can expect reliable performance. In my tests, I was able to acquire up to 20 satellites in less than a minute outdoors and even get a 12 satellite GPS lock indoors. Another cool feature is the blinking green status LED on the top of the module. This makes it very clear that a position lock has been established.

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  1. High Positioning Accuracy: about of 50 centimeters positioning, and can be search 20 satellites within few seconds at open ground..
  2. Excellent Performance: 2.5dbl ceramic antenna design have enhances the ability to get an extremely weak signal even though interference by ideal filter..
  3. Top Configuration: with u-blox UBX-M8030(M8), 72-channel, MMIC BGA715L7 from Infineon, that’s better than single GNSS 7N..
  4. Built-in electronic compass QMC5883L (I2C port) with high precision, which same technology as Honeywell HMC5983. Support multiple positioning systems GPS, GLONASS L10F, QZSS L1 C/A, BeiDou B1, dual mode operation..
  5. Compatible with Radiolink Pixhawk Flight Controller, 1.89*1.6*0.59in, suitable for DIY drone, quadcopter, multi-copter, rc vehicle’s, etc


  1. Velocity Precision: 0.1m/s
  2. Max Height: 50000m
  3. Max Acceleration: 4G
  4. Sensitivity Tracking&Nav: -167dBm; Reacquisition: -163dBm
  5. Sensitivity Cold Start: -151dBm; Hot start: -159dBm
  6. Time to First Fix: Cold start: 26s, Hot start: 1s
Operating Voltage (VDC) 5VDC±5%
Navigation Update Rate 10Hz
Maximum Speed 515m/s
Acceleration (g) <4
Tracking Sensitivity (dBm) –167 dBm.

Package Includes:

1 x SE 100 GPS+ with GPX holder- Radiolink


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