DYS D2826-15 930KV Outrunner Brushless Drone Motor (Original)

  1. Model: D2826-6
  2. Voltage: 7.2v~11.1v / 2~3s Lipo
  3. Kv: 930 rpm/v
  4. Shaft Diameter: 3mm
  5. Shaft Length: 10mm
  6. Max Watts: 130W
  7. ESC: 40A
  8. Screw Size: M3


This DYS D2826-15 930 kV brushless outer rotor drone motor is specially developed to drive quadcopters and multirotors. 930kV drone motor. It offers high performance, super power and superior efficiency. These motors are perfect for medium size 7 propeller quadcopters.
The drone/ quadcopter motor comes with a 3mm banana plug that connects directly to the 30A regulator without soldering. Using 4 of these motors in a quadcopter with high quality propellers gives a total thrust of 3.84kg. Use it to build a powerful and efficient quadcopter.
A high quality brushless motor at an affordable price. Comes with pre-soldered bullet connectors.

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  • Drones
  • Quadcopters
  • Multirotors
  • RC Airplanes
  • UAV

Features of dys drone motor :

  1. The steel design is capable of withstanding competitive conditions.
  2. Lightweight design makes them suitable for a wide range of Quadcopter and Hexacopter Frames.
  3. Compact size.
  4. Offers great performance and value for money.
  5. Smooth throttle response for best RC experience.

Specifications of drone motor :

Model D2826 930KV
Compatible LiPO Batteries 2S ~ 3S
Motor KV (RPM/V) 930
Shaft Diameter (mm) 3
Maximum Power (W) 130
Compatible Propellers Size (inch) 7×3/ 7×4
Required ESC (A) 40
Width (mm) 28
Height (mm) 41
Weight (gm) 60

Package Included:

1 x DYS D2826-15 930KV Brushless Motor

1 x Prop Adapter

1 x A Motor Holder (X-type) and set of screws

1 x User Manual


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