Carbon Fiber Drone frame X220mm

  1. Material: 3K carbon fiber matte
  2. Wheelbase: 220 mm
  3. Motor hole position: M3x16x16mm M3x19x19mm
  4. Camera hole position: M3x28x28mm


Carbon Fiber Drone frame X220mm a drone frame or quadcopter frame is the basic and the first structure in which all the drone parts are to be fitted for building any drone project. So the quality of the drone frame should be very excellent and reliable as it the main structure of the drone.

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Material: 3K carbon fiber matter.
Wheelbase: 220 mm.
Motor hole position: M3x16x16mm M3x19x19mm.
Flight control hole position: M3x30.5×30.5 (can be installed with two towers).
Camera hole position: M3x28x28mm.
Space height: 20mm.
Paddle: 5 inches.
Arm thickness: 5mm.
Upper board: 2mm.
Rack net weight: 125.8 g.

Accessories including:

  1. 1.drone frame
  2. 2.drone frame accessories
  3. 3.drone arms
  4. 4.Screws
  5. 5.Aluminium pillars
  6. 6.XT60 connector
  7. 7.distributor plate
  8. 8.Insulated column
  9. 9.Sponge mat


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